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Submitting Your Image

You can submit you artwork to us by email at Creative@naturally-custom.comIf you do not have an image we will create one for you, simply provide us an example and a rough idea of what you would like to see and we'll design it!


You can submit as many images as 10 buttons will allow, the same rule applies to even our largest orders.  Example, 50 buttons could be 5 designs at 10 buttons a design or 50 of one design.

Our custom 1" buttons are made from recycled ferrous metals and pig iron, and incredibly inexpensive starting at $20 for 100.

You can use our shop tab above to purchase products from our store. We can invoice you for the most value, or you can checkout through Etsy to support the Etsy community. Let us invoice you for savings!



If you do not see the quantity you would like to order please contact us and we will invoice the amount to you.


Custom T-Shirts

Pick your Tee style with your custom design!

What kind of images do you accept?


We accept the common image types:


.jpg .jpeg .gif .png .Ai .EPS .TIFF .PDF

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