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1. How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Customized Promotional Products from Naturally Custom.

2. How Non-Profits Can Use Customized Merchandise to Raise Awareness and Funds.

3. How Charities Can Reach More People With Customized Apparel.

4. How Small Businesses Can Establish a Brand Identity With Customized Products.

5. How Non-Profits Can Make an Impact With Customized Giveaways.

6. How Charities Can Show Appreciation to Donors With Customized Gifts.

7. How Small Businesses Can Increase Brand Visibility With Customized Promotional Items.

8. How Non-Profits Can Use Customized Products to Increase Donations.

9. How Charities Can Utilize Customized Products to Raise Funds.

10. How Small Businesses Can Reach More Customers With Customized Apparel From Naturally Custom.

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Kwai Nedobas, Thank you for 10 years!

We have officially made it to 10 years and I cannot thank y’all enough for your support over the last decade. We have had priceless experiences with exceptional memories.

I can’t count the number of amazing people we met over the years from Maximum Yield Con to the New England Cannabis Conventions, from Permaculture Day to Compassionfest. On Etsy and through our website. Thank you all so so much, ya’ll kept the lights on when times in our lives got abysmally dark.

We went from a single button press to an LLC. That has made hundreds of thousands of buttons and decals, unique lines of clothing, automobiles and even storefronts.

2021 was really difficult. We endured a devastating family crisis, tragic loss of life on our family farm, pneumonia, perpetual Covid shutdowns at daycare, Etc. But we’re over all that now (at least trying to be) and we’re so looking forwards to 2022.

I know there are clients from 2021 waiting for your refunds. I am so so sorry I haven’t been able to provide them. Our businesses financial situation is rather egregious.

You can contact with your order # and receipt to begin the refund process. I hate to say it’s a process but with the current situation between banks and delinquent accounts there is a lot of work that has to be done and I don’t want to see anyone lose their investment.

I know this is terribly frustrating, I never intended to send anyone on a goose chase, but I am here for you to help rectify the grievances so to stay in good standing!

Since the home location for the business is moving from Rollinsford, New Hampshire to Lebanon, Maine there’s alot that has to change with it.

So here’s what to expect.

🦝 Roadmap:

  • Moving Business from NH - ME.

  • Adjusted Catalog: *Prices, products and services.

  • Begin Accepting Cryptocurrencies such as Shiba Inu #SHIB as payment.

  • Build in a burn mechanism for payment with Shiba Inu to further uplift the #SHIBARMY.

  • Rectify delinquent accounts on orders from 2021 that 💥 into 🗑🔥 (honestly I’m so sorry).

  • Get back into good standing with NH Secretary of State and the IRS.

  • Merge NH LLC. into a Maine LLC. For a new State Certificate of Name continuing the original business under my name alone.

  • Return to TikTok: LIVE

  • After everything has been set up in our home office I’ll get back to streaming the production process and the life cycle of our jobs.

  • Redesign website to reflect the 2022 Goals and Objectives.

Temporary Order Process:

  • Please contact me directly at for all inquires and I’ll invoice you the appropriate amount. Or visit the website at to complete your order or even make use of our websites services by making an account.

  • After you complete your order, please submit your artwork to me directly at the same email above, with your order #.

*Prices, Products and Services:

Moving forwards I will be focusing on the more creative jobs. Services to include the production of NFT’s as digital and tangible assets. Introducing products like patches, apparel, blank books. And services to include packaging design, storefronts & automobiles.

Je Vous Remercie:

You diehard loyalists deserve the best praise, from doubling down on your orders when I was sick with pneumonia to showing your support and appreciation in kind. I’ll never have a bad thing to say about ya’ll. You kept us alive during the holidays, the house warm and our stomachs full.

Here’s to you and to 2022!


Calvin W. Cline

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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

It’s been a minute since we’ve had a chance to reflect on what’s happening behind the scenes. We’ve since hired two employees to get us through the work load, Molly and Zack.

For Molly this is her first job, at 13 years young she’s undertaken the responsibilities that come with social media marketing, button pressing and vinyl productions.

Zack has worked with us before and it warms our heart that we’re his top pick for a career. Out of all the trades he’s skilled in and everywhere he could be, he’s with us.


As a progressive brand we practice what we preach. Each of us get $15hr, as an owner I absolutely acknowledge that’s not enough. We all deserve more. But in the meantime we can at least all make a living wage and work as equals.

It’s an honour to have a part in the 2020 election. A special thanks to Representative Tulsi Gabbard, Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Cory Booker for their support of Strafford City Democrat’s (limited edition campaign buttons available while they last).

New Products:

View-Thru Vinyl has been on the rise along with custom vinyl kiss cut jobs and static clings. We’ll be introducing all of these items along with Square Pinback Buttons and Enamel Pins to our 19’-20’ catalog.

New Features:

Come Sept. 5th Etsy customers will have inclusive shipping prices which will mean separate prices between our website and Etsy stores. Our website will have prices that separate shipping from the cost of the products which might make it look like it’s less. Since Etsy cannot accurately calculate shipping costs without over charging we’re making this adjustment to compensate.


1-3 day turn around is back.


Labour Day BBQ in Gravestown New Hampshire

Sales and Coupons:

We’ve got a 10% off Labour Day Sale on all of our products and services going until September 4th. For coupons there are 2 active now: THANKS4LOVE for an additional 10% off and FREESHIP2019.

Commit Thy Work to Love and Honour!

C. W. RickerCline & The Naturally Custom Team

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