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Eduardo Sasaki of Questions

Sao Paulo Hardcore

James Gray

James Gray | War Twins

James Gray of War Twins

“I've been really impressed by the versatility of the Naturally Custom sticks; they have the perfect weight and feel to express subtleties, they have a great sound of their own, and they can take a beating when it comes time for all-out-rude dynamic expression.”  - James Gray | War Twins


"For those apt to bop a little harder than the average indie showgoer, Little War Twins serves as a sanctuary." - Metroland


Brown's unique vocals and hypnotic guitar swells merge with James' unapologetic percussion and electronic samples - creating a distinctly new recipe for power pop. Their first tour in 2013 took them to over eighty cities, performing over 170 shows nationwide, and in 2014 they have begun another six month journey across the states.

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Eduardo Sasaki | Questions

Eduardo Sasaki

Eduardo Sasaki of Questions

Brazilian, born in São Paulo, he's the drummer of the hardcore band Questions "SPHC", with whom he recorded several albums. Some of them features special appearances by Iggor Cavalera (Mixhell, Cavalera Conspiracy), Nick Jett (Terror), Andrew Kline (Strife) and Silvio Golfetti (Korzus).


Eduardo has played countless gigs in Brazil, plus 4 European tours and also toured in Russia and Ukraine. He shared the stage with major bands of the genre: Sepultura, Ratos de Porão, Sick of it All, Madball, Agnostic Front, Strife, Terror, Integrity, etc...


Besides working with Questions, Eduardo also teaches drum classes in Bateras Beat, one of the largest schools of Brazil. The brand, which has more than 30 units throughout the country, ensures the development of the new generation of drummers.



He studied with Dino Verdade, Aquiles Priester and Christiano Rocha, outstanding drummers who play different styles, known in Brazil and worldwide. They gave him plenty rhythm and creativity possibilities, so he could be more than "just another hardcore drummer".


Eduardo has the support of Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals and Naturally Custom: Rich Sticks model Eduardo Sasaki.


Eduardo's Students!

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