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Terms of Service

Terms of Service: Upon submission of this form you are agreeing that you understand you are placing an order for x amount of buttons for y amount of sums of money.  Recycled materials are used whenever they are available.  Custom orders of buttons are subject to be used as samples of our manufacturing whether by picture or by tangible product.  We do not sell samples.  Samples are given away during business transactions and marketing campaigns.  We do not provide a federal copyright to your merchandise, to secure the rights to your image or logo being used on our products please read the information below: 

Section 106 (A) of the Copyright statute defines the rights of certain authors with respect to “attribution and integrity.” These are commonly known as Artist’s rights.  If you file Form VA you will be entitled to (a) claim the authorship of your work, (b) the right to prevent the use of his or her name as the author of any work of visual art which they did not create.

Visit  Locate and file Form VA for published and unpublished works of visual art.

Returns Policy

Returns Policy: If you are unhappy with your purchase in anyway  please contact us right away so that we may hear and understand your concerns. Upon receiving your greivence we will review and provide a solution that best fits all parties needs and concerns. When a rework order is the best solution we would discuss your needs and complete rework to fit your expectations or potentially offer you a discount on a future order. Due to the custom nature of most of our orders we typically cannot accept returns or offer full-refunds. All custom orders undergo a digital proof approval process to ensure you understand exactly what you will receive.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: Link to full policy.

Fraud Protection

Our website is SSL secured for your security. Your payments are processed through our website, Etsy, and Intuit QuickBooks securely. To protect ourselves payments undergo AVS (address-check) and other security measures. If for any reason a payment is returned due to insufficient funds or a chargeback for fraud, the customer will be subject to a returned check fee or a chargeback fee.

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